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How IT Cortex applies its tenets to itself.

Suit the action to the word, the word to the action.

William Shakespeare, Hamlet

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IT Cortex is organized as a network of highly experienced free-lance consultants. Project teams "self-assemble" based on affinity and specialty. There is no hierarchy and no upper authority that assigns resources to projects. IT Cortex also derives its name from the self-assembling propriety of neurons during a learning process. IT Cortex operating structure is designed so as to :

bulletmeet sophisticated customers demands
bulletbe highly flexible
bulletminimize its operating costs
bulletattract the best possible consultants
bulletadjust itself easily to fluctuations in the market conjuncture

Some consultants secure their income by providing leads, others by selling contracts (to which all resources will already have been committed), others by delivering projects. Each one gets remunerated based on how his or her contribution to the overall revenue flow is valued. The big 5 are now timidly attempting to mimic that kind of organization within their bulky structure. They want their consultants to be held responsible to find their projects by "networking" inside or outside the organization. 

Good consultants within our organization are rewarded by finding easily new engagements or - if they manage to bring in new engagements themselves - their projects are easily staffed because they are well scoped, well defined and have clear and achievable objectives. Less talented consultants tend to fall through the meshes of the net by having a poor occupation rate. IT Cortex pushes this "natural" selection process to its full consequences in order to guarantee top quality professionals. Its network is open to highly experienced free-lance professionals. Contrary to permanent members of staff they are free to come and go (only when their commitment toward a project has been met). They collaborate with IT Cortex only if both parties have an interest in doing so. That symbiotic relationship ensures much stronger ties with good consultants than what any contractual relationship can possibly achieve.

Contrary to the Big 5 and second tier consulting companies, IT Cortex

bulletdoes not use its senior consultants to sell jobs and send afterwards juniors to execute it, sometimes placing the customer in a position where he has to provide himself the guidance to those inexperienced consultants,
bulletworks only with experienced professionals who ally both a pragmatic, result-oriented approach and a insightful vision based on state of the art consulting concepts,
bulletapplies very reasonable rates because it works with truly minimal overhead costs thereby guaranteeing reasonable fees for its customers and a motivating income for its consultants

IT Cortex network organization optimizes its efficiency at securing and using the right human resources both during hot market growth and during recessions. It does not weaken itself by the hiring and firing bursts through which large consulting organizations inevitably pass as the conjuncture fluctuates.

This specific network organization has no impact whatsoever on customers who always have a single point of contact with an IT Cortex representative. They also benefit from a commitment of the whole network to deliver the results promised.

Additional information about a possible partnership with IT Cortex - be it as a customer or as a consultant - can be obtained by contacting us.

IT Cortex 

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