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Don't worry about people stealing your ideas. If your ideas are any good, you'll have to ram them down people's throats.

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Copyright Information

Although IT Cortex theoretically "owns" the information displayed on this website it is happy to share it with those interested in the matters discussed. There is no such thing as information ownership. By essence information exists to be shared and spread. New information is never completely built from scratch, it always borrows something from existing information. Breakthrough, whatever innovative they are, are made possible because of past developments. A piece of information is, by nature, linked with many other pieces of information. Relating pieces of information, even though it may produce so-called new information, should not lead to claims of information ownership.

In order to avoid systematic information piracy we have nevertheless restricted the possibility of copying screen sources by disabling some keys and buttons. However should you be interested in getting complementary information over the matters presented, do not hesitate to contact us. We prefer to share information with identified people.

Liability Disclaimer

IT Cortex does not deem appropriate to adopt the protective attitude that most websites gregariously follow in their "liability disclaimer". Liability disclaimers might have some usefulness in countries where litigation has become a national sport. Self-imposed high ethical standards are always better than the servile respect of rules. IT Cortex has been so selective with the information presented on this website that it believes that, should any piece of information be contrary to any law anywhere in the world, the existence of that law should be questioned rather than the "local" legality of the information provided (whatever arrogant this might sound). This does not mean that the information itself should not be questioned, challenged or improved, but its legality should not be disputed.

IT Cortex has been very careful not to offend or cause prejudice to anyone especially in the delicate topic of IT project failure. Most of the information provided is meant to be generic and should never be interpreted as a condemnation of any individual or organization or project. Only public, well known and well documented cases of "famous" IT project failure have been described. This website aims at assisting managers and decision makers in addressing the common and omnipresent issue of improving the efficiency of commercial or public organizations. Its objective is certainly not to point an indignant finger toward anybody who, by its error(s), might have taught us valuable lessons. 

Nothing on this site must be considered as a professional advice if it has not been provided and endorsed by an IT Cortex consultant in the framework of a contractual engagement. Since every living website is an ongoing effort, the information presented here can not possibly constitute a comprehensive or complete statement of all the concepts and issues developed by IT Cortex. The statistical figures provided - as all statistical figures - may not be accurate or current. The best way to fine-tune your understanding of our services and our approach to your business issues will always be to contact us.