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IT Cortex core competence situates itself at the synergetic boundary between information technologies and organization.

IT Cortex views organization and IT as the YIN and the YANG of successful business. A public or a commercial organization relies heavily on IT to have its processes automated and its information correctly spread.  IT, for its part, needs to be a reliable and faithful model of how the business operates. Whereas a business or a public institution achieves efficiency through IT automation, IT ought to grow into a model of efficient business operation. IT and organization nurture each other and benefit from each other but, as in any cooperative relationship, they have to adjust mutually to each other.

Uniting, integrating, correlating, "synergizing" IT and organization requires in-depth mutual adaptation and transcending individual specificity (achieving their TAO to further the YIN - YANG analogy). This rapprochement is always painstaking. An organization does not bend itself easily to algorithmically defined rules and IT often looses sight of the business finality while concentrating on technical issues. 

IT Cortex expertise consists in "synergizing" the two complementary aspects of IT and organization into one efficient whole that achieves Darwinian-like fitness into its commercial or public environment.

This website presents the core tenets supporting our vision of organizational efficiency and the underlying concepts on which we have built our unique approach. We describe the nature and scope of our consulting engagements and the services that we provide.

A particular type of consulting engagement, our IT project recovery service, is further expanded. IT project failure often acts as the revealer of an organization's vital need to improve the synergy between IT and organization

IT Cortex also provides Web site development services through one of its business unit, the technical work being subcontracted to its Indian partner : Infinity Information. 

The critical success factors (CSVs) of our core consulting services, Strategic Simplification, are listed and described.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) are answered to fill in holes that might subside in the understanding of our approach. Of course we would be delighted if you showed us your interest in the matters presented by contacting us. Streamlining systems and organizations is our vocation and we never get tired of elaborating on that fascinating topic.

A brief history of how IT Cortex evolved in defining and implementing its business concepts is presented as an additional insight into our philosophy. Moreover our business concepts and approach have to translate themselves into our own organizational structure that we are proud to present. We also elaborate on the practical terms and arrangements taken with our consultants to fulfill our customer needs.

IT Cortex

Brief History ] Our Organisation ] Practical Terms ]